For FunThe Best Places to Celebrate Songkran Festival in Thailand

The Best Places to Celebrate Songkran Festival in Thailand

The Thai New Year, or Songkran Festival , is celebrated in Thailand and many other Southeast Asian countries. These countries include Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The celebration celebrates the transition from the dry to the wet season and is traditionally held between April 13th and 15th.

Songkran Festival is a Thai word that meaning “astrological transit” in the Sanskrit language from whence it was borrowed. Many individuals see this celebration as a chance to wipe the slate clean, let go of the past, and welcome in a fresh start. One of the most important cultural events in Thailand, Songkran Festival is celebrated for three days.

Songkran Festival is a very old holiday with strong cultural and historical roots in Thailand

Families gather to rejoice, count their many blessings, and spend quality time together. Making merit is a significant part of the festival’s celebrations. On Songkran, many individuals pay a visit to a temple to make offerings to the monks. They include food, water, and other goods.

Songkran would not be complete without the use of water. The ritual of dousing festivalgoers with water represents a purification of body, mind, and soul. It is believed that the water will cleanse the recipient of any bad fortune or negative energy, leaving them feeling restored and invigorated. Blessings and well wishes are commonly said as the water is poured, and the phrase “Sawatdee Pee Mai,” which translates to “Happy New Year” is frequently heard.

People now use buckets, water pistols, and hoses to soak each other in big water fights instead of just dumping water. The water fights attract both locals and visitors to the streets of various cities. Typical songs and dances are performed during the celebrations.

Songkran Festival is a time of great merriment and revelry, and it affords its participants a rare chance to share in a common celebration of their ancestry. Hoteliers and retailers throughout the world prepare for the influx of tourists by offering deals and discounts to festival-goers.

Recent years have seen an increase in incidents due to drunk driving and other traffic mishaps that dampen the festivities. The Thai government has taken several steps to protect the public’s safety during the event, including enforcing tighter rules against drunk driving and increasing the number of police officers on the streets.

In sum, the Songkran Festival event is a riot of color and sound that honors the rich heritage of Thailand. It’s a chance for people to band together, do some good, and start over. The ritual of pouring water over one another is a novel and revitalizing approach to represent the rebirth of the soul, body, and mind. Although the Songkran Festival has changed over the years, it still serves as a time of rebirth and celebration for people of all ages.

Songkran Festival is a time of great merriment and revelry

If you’re planning to visit Thailand during Songkran, here are best places to celebrate the Songkran Festival

  1. Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai is one of the most popular places to celebrate Songkran Festival. The festival in Chiang Mai is known as the “Biggest Water Fight in the World,” and it’s a three-day event that attracts thousands of tourists each year. The old city of Chiang Mai is the center of the festivities, and you’ll find people throwing water, dancing, and having fun on the streets.
  2. Bangkok: Bangkok is another great place to celebrate Songkran Festival. The festival here is more commercialized, with big water fights happening on the streets and plenty of parties and events. The Khao San Road area is the center of the festivities, and you’ll find lots of tourists and locals enjoying the festival.
  3. Phuket: Phuket is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife, making it a great place to celebrate Songkran Festival. Patong Beach is the center of the festivities, and you’ll find lots of water fights, parties, and events happening throughout the area.
  4. Ayutthaya: Ayutthaya is a historical city located just outside of Bangkok, and it’s a great place to experience Songkran Festival in a more traditional way.The Songkran festival here is more focused on religious and cultural activities, with people pouring water on Buddha statues and engaging in traditional ceremonies.
  5. Sukhothai: Sukhothai is another historical city that’s a great place to experience Songkran Festival in a more traditional way. The festival here is known as “Sukhothai Songkran,” and it features traditional Thai dances, processions, and other cultural activities.

In conclusion, Songkran Festival is a wonderful time to visit Thailand and experience the country’s unique culture and traditions. Whether you want to participate in wild water fights or experience the festival in a more traditional way, there are plenty of places in Thailand where you can celebrate Songkran Festival and have an unforgettable time.

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